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Hello coconut lovers!  Coco & Souls is a sustainable jewelry and wall art social enterprise based in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by the beauty of nature, our handmade pieces are made from repurposed coconut shells from the Salvadorian Pacific seashore. We have thoughtfully designed every piece and have a minimalist approach that highlights coconut's natural and organic beauty. 





Our company partners with small Salvadorian artisan teams. Our talented teams of artisans are responsible for handcrafting every piece of our one-of-a-kind jewelry. We are an environmentally friendly company that adheres to ethical and fair trade practices. We use dry natural coconut shells and thoughtfully re-purpose and design products for the modern global market.

Delicately designed, hand cut, crafted, polished, eco-friendly and sustainable designs that respect the environment.


coconut wood shell jewelry


Meet the creatives. Ana and Nina.

Mother-daughter duo Ana and Nina are passionate about the ocean, beaches, marine life and their surroundings. Together, they have created Coco& Souls, an eco friendly jewelry brand that showcase the beauty of the artisan made coconut craftsmanship. They celebrate their Salvadoran heritage and their love for delicate one-of-a-kind jewelry and art.

Their goal is to create economic empowerment opportunities for Salvadorian artisan communities.  Simultaneously, they aim to raise awareness of  the importance of sustainably and re-purposing natural resources. There designs are modern, minimalist and stylish.