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How to Care For Coconut Shell Jewelry : 5 EASY CARE TIPS


How to Care For Coconut Shell Jewelry

Coconut shell jewelry is a natural and cruelty-free alternative. Eco-friendly coconut wood is now fashioned into unique jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It is important to understand how to care for coconut shell jewelry to make it last and look beautiful through the years. 

Coconut Shell Jewelry Earrings

Because coconut shells are a completely natural and organic product, this jewelry requires special care. The rule of thumb is to store your jewelry in a dry, well-ventilated place.  


So here are our 5 best tips we share with you:

  1. To clean your coconut shell jewelry simply wipe coconut jewelry with soft 100% cotton cloth instead of using abrasive materials. An old cotton t-shirt will do the the trick.
  2. Try to put the least pressure as coconut shells cannot resist a huge amount of pressure and should be handled gently.
  3. To polish: Add a little bit of mild coconut or vegetable oil to a soft cloth and gently apply to the coconut surface. This will help preserve the lustre. Avoid getting it on the hardware.
  4.  Avoid getting hairspray or perfume on the coconut shell as this might mark it. Avoiding these chemicals will help maintaining its polish surface looking beautiful.  
  5. Do not sumerge in water or bathe with your coconut shell jewelry. Water should be avoided as it will cause drying out and it would possibly crack.


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How to Care For Coconut Shell Jewelry



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