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Discover The Most Unique Wall Hanging Decor Art For Your Modern Home

Looking for most unique wall hanging decor ideas to refresh your space?  Those empty walls are filled with possibilities and a one of these additions can make a house feel like a home. But you are probably not looking for a cookie cutter solution to adorn your walls right?  Yes, macrame wall hangings are pretty, but not quite as unique as you might want your wall art to be. If you are looking for an unusual wall decor idea, this is just right for you. 

If you need some art that adds style to your home and that’s unique, eclectic and full of personality… Here it is!

phases of the moon wall hanging art


 Coconut Shell Wall Hanging Art

We promise you’ve never seen anything like this before. These pieces handmade wall hanging art handcrafted from organic coconut shells. A modern take on boho style decor handmade from repurposed coconut shells from the Pacific shores in El Salvador.  Hand-cut and polished by local artisans.


This coconut shell wall hanging collection adds texture and beauty to any space.  They are perfect for both gallery walls and hanging by themselves. They are unique because each piece of coconut has its own natural color variation and marbling. There will never be two pieces alike.


Geometric Wall Hanging

This geometric wall hanging art showcases a detailing that offers a natural textured and intricate look and captivating sense of style within your decor space.

unique wall hanging art

 Celestial Wall Hanging

This celestial wall hanging art showcases offers a natural texture and a mystical look. It is an unusual wall decor idea that will transform your living room or bedroom walls. 

Unique Wall Hanging Decor



All of these unique pieces of decor are easy to hang and easier to love. 

What’s your favorite? CLICK TO VIEW Coconut Shell Art  by Coco&Souls

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